Real-life Storytelling

Real-life Brand Stories to inspire & connect.

In the rise of new technologies the demand for trustful Brand experiences accelerate exponentially. That is why DOD focus on real-life storytelling to create human to human connections.

Documentary filmmaking presents challenges due to the nature of the genre; DOD's mission is to limit these factors.

Making Films is still a magical experience on its own and always a journey of self-exploration, strategic planning, and creative execution without any doubt. But when it comes to documentary filmmaking, the unknown becomes your closest companion.

How to be prepared to handle tuff working conditions that are unpredictable, like life itself? How to approach people? And How do you make people trust you? Well, what might sound pretty daunting can actually be the key to real-life filmmaking.

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DOD* specializes in documentary filmmaking for brands with an explicit focus on real-life storytelling and human-centered experiences.

*DOD is a Directors project by filmmaker and Creative Director Dominik Wieschermann. Founded in 2023, DOD complies with the accelerating demand for real-life storytelling for human-centered brand communication.

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